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In recent times, a new generation of war games that players like to play continues to be added every day. There are many reasons why these games are appreciated. But one of the most important reasons is that it has a creative content. In order for it to be a popular game, it has to be a completely unique game with its story, gameplay mechanics and graphics. In a game that features these elements, the remaining details lose their importance. One of the best examples of this situation Diep.io it's his game. The battle game that doesn't have the shape of a Tank and looks just like an object Diep.io has managed to become one of the most popular and most played games of recent periods. The game is a new game that we encounter every day by turning the world upside down .Diep.io the game appeared in the categories of shooting games and war games and quickly attracted everyone's attention. Especially with another. IO game Agar.io it features characters similar to his play. But this time you can level up in a different way. Agar.io when you can grow up eating something in your game Diep.io you level by hitting things in your game. In the next generation of games, the value of the game's content has increased. But just knowing that the beauty of its content won't be loved by everyone, game makers are adding Game Mode options to make the game more comprehensive. It also expands the player's control area so that players can adapt to the game more and enjoy the game more. In other words, players now have a lot of options that can change the course of the game when playing by interfering with more space within the Yun. This is a great tank game where you can play online and multiplayer, which combines all these features in a great way. The name of our game Diep.io as with. her. IO, this game has some unique features. For example, The Shape of the tanks appears to be round and disfigured. You may not like it the first time you play, but we're sure you'll get addicted as you go along. First of all, when you first enter the game, you will receive a somewhat complicated home page. First, you have to start by giving yourself a name. Then you have to look at the cause of the confusion, the game modes. The game mode options are quite extensive Diep.io, you get bored of the game to stop playing 8 different game modes in the active state has added. First of all, it's a classic. Diep.io I want to talk about your game. When you start the game you will find yourself on a big map. This map has large, labyrinth-like walls. Around you, you will see other tanks connected to the game via the same server, and around you, you will see geometric objects hurtling from place to place. The most important thing that interests you in this map is geometric objects. You will come across three different geometric objects of different colors, triangles, quadrangles, and pentagons, and you will see them spread everywhere. Once you move your tank, you have to explore firing. You have to use the firing feature on objects around you. When you shoot at any object, you'll see it's less alive. As you destroy these objects, which you can destroy in a few strokes, you gain level points, and these Level Points help you grow and grow, even gain new features and become a more powerful tank. The object with more edges allows you to earn more level points. So when you destroy squares, you gain more level points than when you destroy triangles, and you evolve more. But what you need to know is the fact that objects are harder to destroy as the number of edges increases. We are faced with a level system that, though sad, is cleverly thought out. Remember that the opponents around you earn the highest level score. Every tank you kill and destroy gives you 4 times more level points than objects and contributes more to your development. But before you attack the tanks around you, remember that they are real players like you. Diep.io the game is a dating game in which online players battle each other in multiplayer on the same server. And for that reason, killing your opponents may not be as easy as you think. Almost all. IO games played as multiplayer Diep.io the game has placed this feature in order to increase Entertainment and competition exponentially and has been successful. At first, you will start the game as a small and powerless tank. You must be very careful at this stage of your battle. Because by entering the game before you, you will be the first target of advanced tanks. I recommend that you try to develop and grow secretly without being aggressive in this part. You will then have the right to choose in the skill table as your level score increases. In the skill table, you can improve some in-game features such as life regeneration speed, attack speed, tank speed and amount of damage done. In addition to these, there is a feature that will come to you at certain levels as you develop your tank. With this feature, you will be faced with different types of tanks and you will be asked to choose one of them. According to the tank model you choose, your tank will transform and evolve. For example, you can increase the number of barrels, increase your barrel, or change the position of your barrel. Each of these features is suitable for different strategies. You have to choose one for yourself and choose your tank accordingly. I want to give you a hint to predict the locations of the major conflicts that will occur later. In areas where geometric objects are more dense and intense, more violent battles ensue. If you think you haven't developed enough, staying away from these areas will be a very useful option for you. You can follow these regions on the miniature map located at the edge of the screen. You are presented with game modes such as survival, Maze, 2-team and 4-team options. Before starting the game again, you can change the game mode and set a new name for yourself if you wish. Many of the new generations of games that have recently taken place in the market are available in Game Mode options to add innovation to the game and because players have different tastes. The games with these options are more comprehensive and attract more people, making them more popular in their categories than their competitors. geliyorlar.Diep.io with the game modes it offers, it soon reaches many players around the world and has gained their acclaim. Even players who love this gameplay this game from platforms such as Twitch and YouTube and broadcast. As the communication inside the game is as important as the communication outside, Chat is available here as in most.IO games. With this feature, you can write what you want to say to other players. The game is suitable for players of all ages due to the lack of bloody visuals, which are considered to be violent. If you want to join the colorful world of the IO world with your friends at home or at school Diep.io you can step into this world by playing.

The questions you frequently ask are as follows:

Diep.io has the game been removed?

  • Briefly removed in 2018 Diep.io with new updates, we have been joined again and prepared for players to play.

Diep.io how can I be stronger in your game?

  • First, improve your maximum bullet damage and reload speeds.
  • Improve your health and vitality.
  • Increase your maximum bullet speed.
  • Reduce damage from external bullets.
  • Add yourself a twin tank when you're level 15.
  • Use your non-development points to increase total can.

Diep.io what does body damage in your game mean?

  • Body damage is the name of the damage caused and caused by bullets on the surface of the tank when your tank is hit or when you hit another tank.