Flappy Bird

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Many of the Platform games have become popular since their release and manage to make their name public. They can do it in so many different ways. If it is a very difficult game, it has gained fame thanks to its degree of difficulty. If it has a very different style, it is famous and gaining popularity among the players. Now, this is a great example of what we say that a game that Flappy Bird game is here with you. When he first appeared, he managed to reach a certain segment, although not everyone knew. It didn't take long for it to spread all over the world once it reached this segment. Because although it has a simple and simple appearance, it was not difficult for the players to understand that our character, who seems to be very cute in essence, was very annoying. It is possible to see many games on the market similar to this type of platform game. Other options usually use vehicles such as planes or helicopters instead of birds, and players need to advance the vehicles without touching them anywhere. So why is Flappy Bird so popular when there are so many similar games? First of all, I want to talk about the choice of character and color. Although other games in the same category used very ordinary characters and ordinary colors, Flappy Bird used slightly more vivid colors. Also used were green pipe figures you might recall from the Super Mario game.Yes. At first, you start the game without any problems and you think you have a cute bird character. But at the first hurdle, you encounter a degree of difficulty that frustrates you. Then again, you are trying to. These trials are increasing, and you are now an actress addicted to Flappy Bird. Flappy Bird, which gained quite a reputation for having the same reactions in everyone in this process, managed to be one of the most played games of its era despite its simple structure. Every time you lose in a game, you get the urge to try again and you can't stop it. You notice as the game progresses that you are already facing a rather annoying bird character. Your main goal is to go as far as you can without touching any obstacles around. Entering the infinite series of games, this game seems to have no end. The young producer who made Flappy Bird, which was once popular among the cast, stated that he did not think it would be so popular. In this game where everyone plays, the players started to compete for the scores they achieved after a while. Our already popular game started to become more popular as we entered a rivalry circle in this way. The game mode is not available in the game. Personalization features such as character enhancements or costume options are not available. But despite all these missing features, Flappy Bird shows us that the players are the biggest factor in making a game playable, and even though the game mode is not available, the players have created their own options. Players appeared, playing side-by-side, making races. Players trying to achieve the highest score by starting at the same time appeared. Then, even the subject of some bets, the player with the lowest score in the game was penalized for the existence of the games. Many around the game at a time, although it is a new generation of the most played games on mobile platforms in an interesting way that goes between this game first surfaced. The control options in the game, which have appeared on Android and IOS-based platforms, are also fairly simple. You had to not hit or touch anything to advance your character, which you simply moved by touching the screen. But even if it got too close, your character, who died and caused you to restart the game, had all the nerves and anger on him. The emergence of such a game on mobile platforms can be seen at first glance as a major disadvantage. Because at that time, more computer games were popular. But our game had an advantage like this. Everyone had a smartphone or Android, an IOS-based device in their pocket. And these devices could be taken anywhere and transported easily. Slowly popular among players, it became easy for everyone to place the game playable anywhere at any time, and it quickly spread. The fact that the game is difficult did not put an obstacle in front of the game on the way to development. On the contrary, it was more helpful. Players do not want to be forced to play a game for the first time because they are in the learning stage. But once they get used to this game, they want to push their boundaries and see how much they can push at most. In this way, the players started to score more and more in the game, even though they were not very high at the beginning, and even though they were very low, they started to get used to the game day by day. And by showing that to their environment, they made it a very competitive environment. Someone who saw someone close to him reach high scores was making ambitions to reach higher scores and playing the game without stopping or giving up. It managed to increase its popularity, even more, having formed in this way. When you start the game you are greeted by a fairly simple Start screen. Click on the character or anywhere on the screen to start the game. You are not asked to name yourself. Then you start flying your bird between the Yesil pipes that rise and fall from above and below. As soon as you touch these pipes, the game is over and you have to start over. When the game is over, you can see the highest score on the screen. After each new score, the game is played with even more ambition because it is not the end of the Flappy Bird map so everyone is asked to go as far as they can go, that is, to go as far as they can go. Because there are no checkpoints along the way, you start the game again when you die, and that is a big loss for players who have reached very high scores. The goal of the checkpoint, which is widely used in Platform games, is to ensure that you do not lose your progress and progress when you die. These features are very useful when placed on the map and come across certain levels. But the lack of this feature is never felt in this game. Because the lack of this feature has caused an increase in the emotions of ambition and competition in the game. As there are no violent elements in the game, it is safe for players of all ages to play. Flappy Bird, which was originally on mobile platforms, later became a game that you can play online from the computer environment. So you can also play on your computers. It is suitable for you to play in your homes or schools. If you want to try your luck in this challenging world and compete in a competition with your friends, don't miss this challenging adventure and start flapping your wings!

The questions you frequently ask are as follows:

Why was Flappy Bird removed?

  • Flappy Bird was removed from platforms such as the Play Store and App Store by its manufacturer on February 10, 2014, on the grounds that the game was over-addictive.
  • Because the game is very popular and suddenly removed from the market, the phones that had already installed this game were offered for sale at very high prices.

How much is a phone worth with a Flappy Bird game in it?

  • Many iPhones were offered for sale at prices between$ 1,000 and$ 5,000 on the grounds that this game was installed. There are even some Ipad models that have this game for sale in the $80,000-$ 1,00,000 price range.

How to play Flappy Bird?

  • You have to click on the screen once to progress through the fairly simple Flappy Bird game.
  • You must go as far as you can by overcoming obstacles.
  • As soon as you touch your character anywhere, you die and start all over again.
  • You should fly with the Yesil pipes and flutter your wings by clicking on the screen at regular intervals to stay in the air.
  • Play this addictive game that you can't get enough to beat and score high scores.