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With its colorful world and a new generation of games, IO games have become quite popular recently. These games reveal themselves in all categories, becoming the most played games of the players. To provide a beautiful and lasting gaming experience, a new generation of games is introduced according to what players want and criticize. One of the highlights of these games is simplicity. They prepare the game as simple as possible and it is presented to the market in this way. Detailed games, which are prepared without any obvious confusion, attract the attention of the players and become popular by taking a step forward from other games. The next generation of games, which are very important to the formation of competitive feelings, allows players to be dependent on the games by locking them per computer. With the game mechanics, it opens the door to a very entertaining World. Among the features of the new generation of games that have emerged recently are simplicity and clarity, as well as in-game detailing. The detailed stories or character options contained within the game make the game stand out. Another issue of interest to players is the originality in character selection. The games that are released with a unique character attract the attention of the players and gain a permanent place in the market, but also gain great popularity worldwide. As an example Shell Shockers.io the game can be given. It was a popular list of most-played games at one time due to its use of highly original characters and the fact that players had never played games with such different characters before. The reason for this was that he made a different and original choice of character and revealed his own style. This is another game with a different character. Hole.io here we are. Normally, black holes are formations in space that swallow up everything that comes in their way. But in this world, black holes are on the ground, and they even fight each other. Game mechanics have never been seen before. The first thing you need to do in the startup menu is to set a name for yourself, as in most.IO games. After you specify your name, you must select one of the server servers that you specify for you. After selecting this, it is time to determine the game mode. Hole.io your main goal in the game is to swallow as many objects as you can. First of all, you should know that the game offers 2 different maps. The game itself makes the selection of this map at first, so you can not select the map. The first of these 2 different maps is an ancient town. The second is a new generation City. And these maps show a lot of objects, objects, and structures in accordance with the period. When the map is determined and you start the game, you will notice that 8 black holes have entered the game with you. Maps and gameplay are offered in full 3D. For this reason, the game was given a perception of realism and caused the game to be liked more. With complex but beautiful graphics Hole.io his game is progressing quite fluently. You will come to earth as a small black hole on a map. You have to swallow things that are smaller in size than you. You don't have to press a special button for that. All you have to do is go under the object you want to swallow. If things are bigger than you, they don't fit in the hole and you can't swallow. You earn level points as you swallow goods and inventory. The Level Points you earn help you level up and your character gets bigger. As you get older, you become able to swallow more items in a shorter period of time, and thus you continue to level up faster. But there is one thing you must remember. As the black hole grows, it will be difficult to saturate, so the higher your level, the longer you go to the next level. We talked about this being a war. In this game where you can swallow cars, trees, trash cans, bridges, even skyscrapers over cities or towns, black holes have to fight each other. The big black hole can kill the small black hole. He does this by going over his opponent. When you swallow a black hole, you earn 2 times as many level points as you normally earn. And you can quickly move to new levels. To swallow black holes, you have to grow as fast as you can. The game is designed in multiplayer to give you more enjoyment. so you have real opponents that connect online and play simultaneously. The game gets a little harder because each of these opponents is a real player. It is a gift for gamers who are tired of playing against the computer and who love multiplayer games, and it now appears in almost all of the next-generation games. There are 2 different game modes available to play in the game. The first is the game mode where you compete against time. This option gives you a certain amount of time at the beginning of the game. That time starts when all the players are ready and you find yourself on a map. Starting with the game, you begin to grow and level by swallowing everything you can swallow. As you level up, you can kill your brow opponents. Players who die in this game mode are kicked out of the game. And he can't be born again in the same game. There is also no refreshment option available. That is why you have to be twice as careful when you play the game. You earn points based on each object you eat. You have to move forward by accumulating those points. The larger the size of the object you eat, the greater the number of points it brings. In the second game, you will try to survive. In this game mode, you do not have a certain amount of time given to you. You start the game on a map that is pre-determined for you by connecting to the same server with 8 players that are included and ready for the game. Here, as in the previous game option, you need to grow by eating objects and earn points. What you have to do after you grow up is to eat competitors that are smaller than you. The most common mistake in this section is to see the height of the competitors as incorrect. The players think their opponent is a little smaller than they are, but when they are older, they are the ones who die. You must not risk falling into this trap and only eat the enemies you are sure of. In this game mode, the game does not stop and continues until only one player is left at the end. When you are the only player in the game, you win the game. It is suitable for players of all ages to play as there is no violence involved in the game. Also, remember that you can double the fun by playing with your friends. You can play in your homes and schools. And if you want to be one of those black holes that leave their place in space and come to earth and fight relentless Wars, Hole.io it's a game for you.

The questions you frequently ask are as follows:

Hole.io is his game dangerous?

  • It is suitable for players of all ages to play as it does not contain any violent elements.
  • It is very safe and does not pose a threat to your computer because you play on the web without downloading it to your computer.

Hole.io can the game be played on mobile?

  • Which has a version for Masi that plays on devices with Android and IOS operating system, which are mobile platforms Hole.io you can download the game to fit the black hole game that swallows worlds into your pocket.

Hole.io where does the name of your play come from?

  • This game is named after its characters from sudden black holes.