Neon Blaster

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Next Generation Shooting Game: Neon Blast!

Recently, shooting games have become very popular in the game world. Aware of this, game manufacturers combine games in different categories. In this way, more original and more different games appear. Arcade games and shooting games have been quite popular game categories since the past. Many original games have been released in these two categories. It is possible to produce successful games by changing the game contacts. Especially games produced using the space theme are preferred by players. The game I will tell you about was created using these themes and categories. It's called Neon Blast. Your main goal is to hit your targets by making successful and accurate shots. Players are primarily looking for originality in games in this category. That's because most games look alike. Also, another desired feature is fluency. Fluency is a very important feature in shooting games. This is because, in games in this category, timing has a big impact on the game. If the game is not smooth, it becomes difficult to hit the target. And the game gets boring. These two features have been used quite successfully in Neon Blast Unblocked. In addition to being a smooth game, I can say that a very original game with graphics is waiting for you. The story mode in the same category of games adds a different feature to the game. Depending on a specific story, the games are more immersive. And they are often favored by the players. Events in the story make the game more immersive and fun. But Neon Blast is not a game with a story. He has a lack of it. Let's examine the Neon Blast game in detail together now.

Neon Blast is a shooting game where you have to hit targets. Your main goal is to shoot enemy balls coming towards you using the weapon in your hand. These balls will come towards you according to a certain order or irregularly. You must shoot incoming balls using your weapon. It may be easy for you when the game starts. But as your level increases, the game will become more difficult. The number of enemy cannons will increase and start coming at you more often. If you can't hit a ball and miss, it will hit you and kill you. To avoid this situation, you have to hit all the balls. You'll notice that the weapon in your hand is quite effective. Your bright and powerful weapon can only move left and right. It does not have the ability to move up or down. So you have to aim well. I have a lead I'd like to give you. You must shoot and destroy your enemies as far away as you can. Because when they get close to you, it's gonna be hard for you to hit. And new enemies will start coming at you. For this reason, you must shoot your enemies away and destroy them as soon as you see them. As the difficulty level increases in Neon Blast, the bonus features available to you will also increase. Your weapon has a single shot pattern. But you can get new features by hitting brilliant bonuses that come to the playing field. The features given in this way have been indispensable for shooting games in recent periods. The features gained within the game make the game more immersive. Because next to the standard shot, you get new shooting patterns. It's like you've got a new weapon and you're getting stronger. Players who want to be stronger by gaining new features are playing with more ambition. In this way, they can reach more advanced levels. I want to talk about the features that will support you in the Neon Blast game. Bonus features available with different varieties. It doesn't affect the mobility of the weapon you have. So your weapon can only move left and right. But when you shoot, you can shoot faster and faster. Or you can make stronger shots. Powerful bullets can be very useful at advanced levels. Because you will encounter enemies that are stronger than the enemies that came in the beginning. Enemies who die with one hit at the beginning will be replaced by enemies who die with a few hits. Killing these balls will be easier than you think with powerful bullets. All you have to do is get the bonus features without missing. When you die in the game, you can't pick up where you left off. So Neon Blast is not a game with a checkpoint feature. The checkpoint feature is often featured in platform games. With this feature, you can pick up where you left off when you reach and die in the areas or levels that are available. One of the games with this feature is the Vex game. When you reach the checkpoint and die, you can continue the game where you left off instead of starting over. And in Neon Blast, you die when your enemy touches you. And the next time you want to play, you have to start the game from the beginning. Although the checkpoint feature has very positive effects in games, it does not exist in some games. Neon Blast is one of the games without a checkpoint feature. In each of the levels contained in the game, the power of enemies changes. As enemies ' powers increase, the game will become more difficult. I suggest you pay attention to that. And when you lose and die, don't get upset right away. Start the game again and try to get higher scores. The Neon Blast game is a 2-game series. Game manufacturers did not waste time when the first game Neon Blast 1 was loved by players. And they produced the second game. Compared to the first game, many innovations and updates were introduced. New bonus features have been added to the game. Also, enemies have been renewed. The game's map also met with some innovations. For players who love the first game, Neon Blast 2 was also released quite nicely.

There are no violent elements in the game. Suitable for players of all ages to play. It's a pretty good game to play in schools. In each level, you will encounter new enemies. And you will move forward by hitting your targets. I suggest you try Neon Blast games, which are quite popular among shooting games. The game mechanics are also quite successfully crafted. All you have to do is move your weapon to the right or left. And is to shoot. Don't forget to receive bonus features that enter the playing field. With these features, you will be stronger against your enemies. You can play with your friends and double the fun. Join this adventurous world and showcase your marksmanship skills!

The questions you often ask are as follows:

How many games do the Neon Blast game series consist of?

  • Consists of 2 games with the same name
  • Unlike the first game, feature updates have been introduced
  • New features and new enemies have been added

Is there a trick in Neon Blast?

  • There are no tricks that you can use in the game
  • But by aiming Well, you can access high levels in the game
  • I also recommend using the extra features included in the game

Can the Neon Blast game be played for two?

  • The game, unfortunately, cannot be played for two people
  • But if you play together with your friend, you can play in turn

Are there violent elements in Neon Blast?

  • No violent elements are included in the game
  • Suitable for players of all ages to play
  • It is a fairly suitable game to play in schools